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Hi! I live in Minnesota and have taught if formal and informal education settings for over 28 years. My most recent former position was at an alternative high school for Native American students where I was the Social Studies teacher for grades 7-12.  Biology/Life Sciences however, is the field in which I am licensed. My new position is at an alternative High School in Minneapolis where I am the Science teacher for grades 9-12 - and am teaching all the sciences. It is a .5 position and I'm looking forward to working half-time. It's challenging to come into a new school already in the second quarter and figuring out where each student is in their course of study and getting us all on track together so I can best help them achieve the credits they need. I hope i-teachly will help me be able to meet each student where they are at in a way that doesn't require me to be doing individual lesson planning 24/7. My goal is to keep this .5 position actually "half-time" as I transition in to retirement, possible even carrying this position post retirement for a few years. I'm excited to be teaching science courses again!

Michelle Kelly

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