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Energy Conservation

Although we cannot see it, energy can make things work. Many, everyday objects take energy in as one form and then transform it into one or more other forms allowing it to perform a task. Many simple toys that you can find at home, are based on this principle, and are considered converters of energy.

Making Energy Toys Learning Objectives:

  • Identify energy transformations and give examples.
  • State the law of energy conservation and apply it to different scenarios.

Pre-Lab Questions:

  1. State the law of energy conservation

Energy is not created or destroyed but transforms from one form into another.

  1. What is the difference between an energy transformation and energy transfer?

Energy transformations involve energy changing forms

Energy transfers involve the same type of energy moving from object to object.

  1. Identify the type of energy often generated as waste energy.

Heat due to friction

Download These Lab Sheets for Your Students:

Making Energy Toys Lab Materials:

Selection of energy toys such as a:

  • Yoyo
    Yo Yo - Energy Conservation Toy
  • Wind-up toy
    Wind Up Toy - Energy Conservation Toy
  • Pull back car
  • Mini catapult/slingshot
    Sling Shot - Energy Conservation Toy
  • Bouncy (rubber) Ball / Beach Ball
    Ball - Energy Conservation Toy
  • Pinwheel
    Wind Mill - Energy Conservation Toy

Making Energy Toys Lab Procedure:

  1. Use each toy and observe the energy changes occurring.
  2. Record all observations in the table below.

Observations: Answers will vary

Energy Conservation Lesson, Energy Conservation Toys, Toys that convert energy, physical science lab

Post-lab Questions:

  1. Write energy chains for each of the toys
  2. Another toy that acts as an energy converter is a tire swing. Describe the energy involved in the motion of the tyre swing.
  3. Some toys such as cars and robots require a battery to initiate their energy transformations.
    • Name this initial type of energy.
    • For a battery-operated toy car write an energy chain to show the energy transformations involved.
  4. Is the pinwheel an example of an energy transformation, why or why not?

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Energy Conservation Lesson, Energy Conservation Toys, Toys that convert energy, physical science lab

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