Solubility: Kool-Aid Solubility Lab

Kool-Aid Solubility Lab

Kool-Aid Solubility Lab

This Kool-Aid Solubility Lab activity demonstrates the relationship between the temperature of a solvent affects (water) and the amount of solute (Kool-Aid) that can be dissolved using a real-world/familiar context. It is most appropriately carried out as pairs or groups of 3 students. Tang or other powdered drink can be substituted for Kool-Aid.

Kool-aid Solubility Lab Experiment

Substance Dissolving in Cold Water (Left) vs Substance Dissolving in Hot Water (Right)

This activity also enables students to practice key lab skills such as following a basic scientific method, working in groups, measuring substances accurately using relevant equipment and units, and recording and processing data.

Specific Learning Objectives for the Solubility Experiment

By the end of this lab activity you should be able to:

  • Describe dissolving.
  • Name the components of a solution.
  • Define solubility and describe how the temperature affects it.

Safety Precautions for the Kool-Aid Solubility Lab Experiment:

  • Students should be discouraged from drinking the used Kool-Aid at the end of the activity, due to possible contamination from lab equipment.
  • Limit hot water temperature to 50oC to prevent serious burns in the event of scalding. Review the processes with students around using of hot water and its ability to cause scalding. Ensure students know the procedures in place for treatment of scalds.

Pre-Lab Questions:

In this experiment you will be making a saturated solution of Kool-Aid.

  1. Define the term saturated solution.
  2. Define the terms soluble and insoluble.
  3. Identify the solute in this experiment
  4. Identify the solvent in this experiment
  5. Write a hypothesis/prediction for this experiment about how changing the temperature of the water will affect the solubility of the solute.

Kool-Aid Solubility Experiment Materials you will need:

To get started download the lab sheets below. You will use these with your students.

You will also need the following materials (per 3 students).

  1. Kool-Aid
  2. 2 x 100mL beakers
  3. Measuring cylinder
  4. Electronic balance
  5. Plastic Petri dish
  6. Spatula
  7. Stirring rod
  8. Thermometer
  9. Hot and cold-water source.

Kool-Aid Solubility Lab Procedure:

  1. Ensure all equipment is clean and dry.
  2. Measure 100ml of cold water with a measuring cylinder and transfer it to a beaker.
    Kool-aid Solubility Lab - 1
  3. Measure the temperature of water with the thermometer and record this value in the results table.
    Kool-aid Solubility Lab - 2
  4. Use the electronic balance and tare the Petri dish before weighing out 5g of Kool-Aid into the plastic Petri dish.
    Kool-aid Solubility Lab - 3
  5. Transfer the Kool-Aid to the beaker of cold water and stir it until the Kool-Aid has dissolved.
    Kool-aid Solubility Lab - 1
  6. Continue to measure and then add Kool-Aid to the beaker of cold water in 5g increments until no more can be dissolved.
    Kool-aid Solubility Lab - 5
  7. Record the final mass of Kool-Aid in the table.
  8. Repeat the activity with 4 other temperatures by mixing hot and cold water in a beaker to achieve each temperature and then measuring out the 100ml volume.

The Solubility Activity:

Students record their predictions and results of the lab activity. Once the activity is finished, discuss the lab activity and answer post-lab questions.

Kool-Aid Solubility Lab Results Table

Post Lab Questions:

  1. Draw a graph to show the solubility of Kool-Aid at different temperatures of water.
  2. Describe the relationship between solubility and temperature.
  3. Describe what is happening on a particle-level as the Kool-Aid dissolves.
  4. What effect would decreasing the amount of water used have on the solubility of Kool-Aid?

We also provided some of the Resources below for you to use in class. iTeachly Members can access all the content for the activity and the following lesson.

Students must come up with a unanimous answer for each question. Discussing the answers usually, results in some excellent dialogue on this topic.

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Kool-Aid Solubility Lab

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