Investigating Effervescent Tablets

Planning an Investigation Science Worksheet, Investigating Effervescent Tablets

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Investigating Effervescent Tablets

Humans are innately curious. This curiosity allows us to observe, explore, question, and experiment to understand our environment. This curiosity begins when you start “why” and “how” questions which shows the systematic process of thought and investigation referred to as the scientific method. In this simple activity, you will learn the steps of the scientific method as they investigate the reaction of effervescent tablets dissolving in water.

Investigating Effervescent Tablets

Investigating Effervescent Tablets Learning Objectives:

At the end of this laboratory activity, students are expected to:

  • Be familiar with the steps of the scientific method.
  • Plan an investigation on the reaction of effervescent tablets dissolving in water.

Investigating Effervescent Tablets Laboratory Proper:

Planning an Investigation Learning Objective

  • Describe the scientific method
  • Identify the steps in planning an investigation
  • Formulate a hypothesis
  • Differentiate the three types of variables
  • Identify the three types of variables

I Can Statements

  • I can describe the scientific method.
  • I can identify the steps in planning an investigation.
  • I can formulate a hypothesis.
  • I can differentiate the three types of variables.
  • I can identify the three types of variables.

Planning an Investigation Vocabulary

  • controlled group
  • controlled variable
  • dependent variable
  • experimenting
  • experimental group
  • experimental trials
  • hypothesis
  • independent variable
  • scientific method, variable

Here are the Files Downloadable Files for the Investigating Effervescent Tablets Activity

Investigating Effervescent Tablets Lab Materials:

  • 4 disposable cups or beakers (250 mL)
  • 10 effervescent tablets
  • 1 laboratory thermometer
  • water

Safety Alert! Use safety goggles when conducting this investigation.

Investigating Effervescent Tablets Lab Activity Procedure:

  1. Place 50 mL of water from the same source in each of the 4 cups or beakers.
  2. Stir the water in each with the thermometer and ensure that the water in each cup or beaker is the same temperature. Record this as the temperature with 0 tablet.
  3. Place a thermometer in the water of the first container, add 1 effervescent tablet. Stir until the solution temperature remains with 0 tablet.
  4. Record the temperature with 1 tablet.
  5. Ask a question: Why did the temperature of the water decrease when an effervescent tablet was added?
  6. Conduct research: If you were to do research, you would find that dissolving certain substances in the water may release heat or absorb heat. What indicates the release or absorption of heat energy in a reaction?
  7. Since the temperature of water drops after an effervescent tablet is dissolved in it, the reaction must be endothermic. What hypothesis can you formulate based on the question?
  8. Experiment: Following the process, you used with 1 tablet in the first container, you will add tablets to a container. Stir while measuring the temperature until it remains constant, and then record the reading.
    • First, verify that the temperature of your remaining 3 water samples has not changed.
    • Add 2 tablets to the second container. Stir. Monitor the temperature until it stabilizes, then record it.
    • Likewise, add 3 tablets to the third container and follow the steps.
    • Add 4 tablets to the last container and follow the steps.
  9. Record your observations.
Number of TabletsTemperature (0C)
  1. Once you obtained your data, make a graph to show the trend of your results.

Investigating Effervescent Tablets

Data and Results

Complete the flowchart to show the steps of the scientific method.

Investigating Effervescent Tablets, Planning an Investigation Worksheet

Discuss the following with your students:

  1. What are the variables in your experiment?
    • Independent variable
    • Dependent variable
    • Controlled variables
  2. How did the dependent variable respond to the independent variable?
  3. Based upon the trend of your graph, what would you predict as the final temperature if 5 tablets were dissolved in 50 mL of water at room temperature?

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Effervescent Tablets, Investigating Effervescent Tablets

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