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Carolus Linnaeus’ System for Classifying Organisms Worksheet

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In a digital age where almost every teenager has a smart phone, tablet or both, incorporating “apps” into your biology lessons where appropriate seems to make sense. There is a great app to help you teach Carolus Linnaeus’ System for Classifying Organisms.

The app Classify It! is a great little add-on to use when teaching your students about classifying organisms. It allows your students to test their knowledge on how different organisms can be sorted into groups. Specifically for Biology Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Genus, species, etc.

The app has three difficulty levels allowing it to cater to a variety of abilities, and sneaks in little snippets of Biology, at each different level.

Classify It is available FREE for both IOS and Android devices from the links below:

iOS -

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Carolus Linnaeus’ System Worksheet

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