Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Activity

Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Activity

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Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Activity

Chemical reactions involve the changing of reactants into products. In every reaction the number of reactants and the number of products will always be equal. This is known as the ‘Law of Conservation of Mass”. This law is shown in a chemical reaction by balancing the reactants and products to ensure that what enters the reaction is accounted for in the final product. This Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Activity allows you to practice balancing chemical equations.


  1. Follow the links to complete each of the following tutorials.
  2. Have your teacher initial each one after you’ve completed them.

Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Procedure:

Activity 1: Classic ChemBalancer


Teacher initial: ___________

Activity 2: Balancing Act


Teacher initial:

    1. _______ - Beginner (15 problems)
    2. _______ - Intermediate (10 problems)
    3. _______ - Advanced (5 problems)

The Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Activity:

Students record their predictions and results of the lab activity. Once the activity is finished, discuss the lab activity and answer post-lab questions.

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Students must come up with a unanimous answer for each question. Discussing the answers usually, results in some excellent dialogue on this topic.

Here is your Free Content for the Balancing Chemical Equations Part of the Lesson!

Balancing Chemical Equations PDFs

Below you will find a Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet PDF, Bell Work Assignment, Exit Quiz, Balancing Chemical Equations Guided Notes, and a PowerPoint Presentation.

Modifiable Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheets - Word Docs & PowerPoints

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Balancing Chemical Equations Digital Lab Activity

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